One of the great מצוות is the מצוה of צדקה, that is equivalent of all מצוות, and especially in our generation ''דרא דעקבתא דמשיחא''.

To set an addition in giving צדקה - every principal of an educational institution (Cheder, Talmud Torah, Yeshiva Ketana and Gedola), should give out a coin for צדקה to each student and employee of the institution. 

The main point is to be a living example to inspire the students, and the בפועל - to actually give צדקה with adding more on their own, as the desire of their pure heart.

It should be done at least once a week (even better) it should be done on ערב שבת (before going away for שבת) - as the concept of giving צדקה (providing the poor people with their need) is being additionally highlighted at that time.

( משיחת שבת פרשת לך לך, י''ג מר-חשון ה' תש''נ )