A lesson in Chinuch from a letter of the Rebbe Rashab in honor of His Yahrzeit on Beis Nissan:

I received the letter about the program you want to establish in the Cheder that you are opening. What program do you need, when Hashem inspired you to do what is good and right in Hiis eyes - to teach the children in the ‘old’ way as was accepted by the greatest of the ראשונים.

The Cheder should be in the old format without any changes whatsoever. In the learning in Cheder, and especially in the beginning of learning, besides for the knowledge there is a main point of instilling in the children אמונה, יראה and קדושת התורה that come naturally from learning. And any changes and new ideas cause a lack in the above, and such a lack that we can't even imagine.

There are things that people consider insignificant and in truth ‘great mountains’ depend on them. If you speak words without אמונה it is a big deficit.

If you educate and raise your children in the way that you were educated and raised  אי’’ה your  children will be like you. And Hashem should give that the fathers and sons together should be earnest in fulfilling the true purpose. Hashem should make you successful in infusing the children with אמונה הקדושה and יראה טהורה and the greatness and holiness of תורה.