A delegation from a girls school came to the Rebbe to get guidance and Chizuk in their Avoda.

Excerpts - Part I

* There are 2 main points that have to be highlighted and emphasized in the Chinuch of the youth in America and especially in the Chinuch of girls

1 - Instill in them what is brought down in the first Halacha of the first chapter of Shulchan Oruch

“אל יבוש מפני בני אדם המלעיגים עליך בעבודת הבורא יתברך" 

Don't be ashamed from people who put you down / make fun of you in the way that you serve Hashem.

We see that יהודה בן תימא brings עז כנמר - strong like a lion first (before the other fundamental attributes needed to serve Hashem) because that is the main point that is needed for ‘עבודת ה

2 - Kabbolos Ol -  listening to whatever their parents / teacher tell them and accepting the Ol of Torah & Mitzvos.

(הוספות לשיחות קודש תשכ"ח א - p 506)