A delegation from a girls school came to the רבי to get guidance and חיזוק  in their עבודה.

Excerpts - Part IV

*The רבי instructed to teach the 'א'-ב' and נקודות before learning the pronunciation.  When learning how to pronounce letters (with נקודות)  it’s okay if one doesn't go in order.

* When learning חומש and נ''ך do not skip any part like יהודה and תמר or דוד and  בתשבע etc.  It should be taught based on the יסודות of חז''ל.

* The רבי recommended the ספר דעת ספרים from Rabbi Rabinowitz to use his ביאורים to explain stories in תנ''ך.

(הוספות לשיחות קודש תשכ"ח א - p 506)