A delegation from a girls school came to the רבי to get guidance and חיזוק in their עבודה

Excerpts - Part V

* The רבי directed not to use reading material of secular authors.  The רבי recommended to select the good stories and put it into a new format with a  new cover [after 25 years there is not any legal  issue in doing this]

* When studying books of English like nature / science etc we shouldn't take out or erase pages from the book because it aggravates the יצר - the desire of the students to find out what is missing.  The רבי mentioned that Torah Umesorah already published some books that suits our מוסדות.

* Based on Einstein's view, it's easier to understand today that the sun and other galaxies are surrounding the globe as it is accepted by us (in תורה)

(הוספות לשיחות קודש תשכ"ח א - p 506)