Rabbi Weiss shares - part 2

...One story involved a job offer to be the head of the Talmud Torah at Beth Israel, an Orthodox synagogue in Miami Beach. When I told this to the רבי during an audience, he gave me the following advice:

“The main job of a Jewish educator is not to convey information, but to instill in his students a יראת שמים. But to do this, the educator must be a ירא שמים himself.”

Then he asked: “How can you make sure this is true of you?” In answering this question, the רבי used the following analogy. “There are two kinds of water wells,” he said. “One kind is filled from an underground spring, and it never runs dry. Another kind is a cistern which is filled with rain water. This type will run dry if the water is not replenished. An educator is akin to the second type, and he must always be replenishing the water – that is, the יראת שמים – within himself so he does not run dry. And I want to give you a blessing that you should succeed in constantly replenishing yourself and in conveying a יראת שמים to your students.”

(As related by Rabbi Meshulam Weiss, Here’s my Story - JEM)