From a letter to a מחנך:

...we are standing in the days of ספירת העומר

the מדרש relates that the reasoning of this מצוה is, that the אידן coming out of מצרים knew the promise to משה רבינו that they are going to receive the תורה on הר סיני so they counted the days out of their yearning to receive the תורה. 

May it be that you will utilize your השפעה in the Chinuch field to be מעורר and מחזק the yearning of the אידן to our everlasting תורה (with guidance for day to day life) until they will count the moments for an opportunity to fulfill it מצוות.

 גדול לימוד שמביא לידי מעשה.

This is especially regarding the youth, as it is known about חינוך - that it is like a young tree that every good effect in the younger years is multiplied so much, without comparison to the effort invested.