In response to your letter in which you write that you are not satisfied with the participation  of the students  in Shabbos Davening and Shabbos activities, and you are asking if you should continue organizing them.

Obviously the main thing is to find out the reason why they are not joining and to do whatever is possible to take away that reason.

It is simple and clear that the activities with the students are no less important then the actual learning and as חז''ל say גדולה שימושה יותר מלימודה, serving and being around תורה is even more important then the actual learning. And we see this also in reality. 

And as it says ותשועה ברוב יועץ, advice comes from asking for advice, I hope that you are going to talk among yourselves and get advice, and Hashem should help you to find the solution to fix the situation as soon as possible. 

(From a letter of the Rebbe on ד' אייר תשכ''א)