From a letter of the Frierdiker Rebbe:

Your letter of Chof Hei Sivan reached me promptly. From the mere account of the students’ names, ages and places of learning, it is hardly possible to determine their status of study, general conduct, and especially the unique mode of conduct befitting students of Tomchei T’mimim Lubavitch.

Namely, in addition to accustoming them to study with great diligence coupled with a desire for in-depth study, one must also generate within them the aspiration and eagerness to conduct themselves with the customs and lifestyle imparted by Chassidus.

They should appreciate the Chassidus Chabad mode of conduct; enjoy listening to a Chassidishe story, listening to a Chassidishe melody as it is sung during Davening, or how a Jew recites a chapter of Tehillim with emotion.

(Igros Kodesh Rayatz vol 9, p. 443)