As  a  girl Rebbetzin Chana was involved in copying and transcribing the maanarim of the Rebbe Rashab, which would come from Lubavitch, in writing or by word of mouth from a chozer, so that many would be able to learn them.  In the Rebbe's words: "She did this of her own volition, out of a desire to spread the wellsprings of Chassidus."  [Chassidshe Derher] 


Excerpts from Classes and Farbrengens - as recorded by students in BCMS 


"...Think to yourself: if Mashiach comes right now, am I ready? Do I need to change before going to greet him?

Just make your life easy and simple by following the blueprint: Torah..."

- Mrs. C. Mockin


"...When we connect to Hashem , we feel happy, true - real, strong, whole and wholesome. Why look elsewhere when we have the truth right here? Just like a fish would be foolish to want to explore the world before deciding that the water is his life, so too us. We have the truth right here; no need to find it somewhere else. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We have history and חכמים who set it up for us! Our way is paved for us, Baruch Hashem. Just take it..."

- Mrs. C. Mockin


"...This is Emunah. Emunah helps you let go of the control you think you have. It teaches you that nothing is by accident. It is Hashem’s will that everything happens the way it does..."

- Mrs. B. L. Greenberg


"...My grandfather noticed how the Rebbe did not have that Rebbeשע look with the long white beard and cane. Mockingly, he told the Rebbe, “I heard you make miracles. I'm not leaving until you give me a Bracha.”

The Rebbe replied, “not only will she recover, she will also marry my Chassid.”

Then the Rebbe asked to speak to my mother alone but leave door open. We don't know much of what happened there because my mother never had the chance to tell us. What we do know is that she told the Rebbe, “I also want to be your Chassid. What can I do to merit that?”

The Rebbe said to be careful in Tznius and get a Mashpia. This was even before the Mashpia campaign in 5746. She asked how will she get a Mashpia and the Rebbe answered, “when there is a will, there's a way.”

- Mrs. B. L. Greenberg


"...Before the Baal Shem Tov was Niftar his Talmidim asked him, “Rebbe, who should we go to?”

He said, “you will go to a Rebbe and you will ask him how we should get to Bittul . If the Rebbe says, ‘this is the way to get to it,’ he is not a Rebbe for you. If the Rebbe says, ‘you have to Daven to Hashem for Bittul ,’ he is a Rebbe.”

- Mrs. Fried


"...That is where we learn a lesson in our lives, the way we relate to our peers, our family, so much to do with what we do, what we believe and even with what we say. Words have so much power. She did not want to say something negative because she knew that Hashem is good and He will do good. That was the unbelievable faith that she had. Because of her strong Emunah, the biggest miracle happened: the dead came back to life..."

- Mrs. R. Greenberg


"...When I heard what happened in Pittsburgh last Shabbos, my first instinct was to shut it out. I did not want to deal with it. During the week, I was on, and what I saw there is amazing. They took the story and presented the Rebbe’s approach to tragedy. The main idea is מעט אור דוחה הרבה חושך - a little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness. Keep on doing, keep on adding Mitzvos, and that will push away the darkness of our troubles. This is exactly what the boys on Mitzvoim this Friday did. They had eleven men put on Tefillin for the first time each Lilui Nishmas one of the Yidden murdered. This is how we deal with misfortune..."

- Mrs. M. Ramniceanu


"...Every yid is a Shliach. Share what you have wherever you are and the Rebbe salutes you all the way..."

- Mrs. M. Ramniceanu


"...We see that developing a Chayus for Mitzvos  is not something that happens automatically; it takes a lot of effort to work on. In a Sicha of Parshas Chayei Sarah, the Rebbe talks about Avraham buying Mearas Hamachpelah from Efron Hachiti. We know that Avraham wanted very much to pay for the field even when Efron wanted it for free, so that the cave will really belong to him. The Rebbe points out, though, that there are ways of making a Kinian - making something belong to you even without paying money for it. But Avraham wanted to pay because he knew that in order to really make something yours, “עס דארף זיך קאסטען” - it has to cost you effort. If you want to get inspired from Mitzvos, you must invest effort into it or else the חיות that you will get will not be worth much since it will not be really yours..."

-Rabbi Wenger


"...R’ Shlomo Chaim Keselman once said, “The difference between a poor person and a rich person is that if a poor person is having a bad business day, he is sad and depressed. On the other hand, when a rich person has a bad day in business, he knows that he still has money, so he can be happy.

“We, as Chassidim, are like that rich person. Even when we have a bad day, we know that we still have a Rebbe and Chassidus to guide us and help us. Ashreinu.”

-Mrs. Schochet


"...One Simchas Torah, the Rebbe said that he will not start Hakafos until the Bochurim come back from Tahalucha. Some Bochurim walked to Flatbush, some to Borough Park, and some even to Queens. Maariv was at 7:15, then it was announced that there will be a Farbrengen at 9:15. The Rebbe said that there should be Sheva Brachos by the Farbrengen, the Bochurim sang Napoleon's march.

That night, it was raining very strongly. Despite the bad weather, the Bochurim went on Tahalucha. When they got to the Shuls, the people there told them, “Now it is clear that you have a Rebbe. Without a Rebbe, no one would walk that far in the pouring rain, even to bring Simcha to others.” The Rebbe’s mission is to connect us to Hashem in such a deep way that nothing can interfere..."

-Rabbi M. Raskin


"...On ראש השנה, we do not say Tachanun because we are so closely connected to 'ה, for the reason that we just made 'ה our King.

But, if we say, “I am still going to do whatever I want; I choose You as my King, but I have my own personality, so I will do whatever I want,” is that going to work? It does not work this way. If you choose a king, the next step is קבלת עול. “You are my King. I am going to listen to You.” That is what ראש השנה is: ראש השנה of קבלת עול מלכות שמים..."

- Mrs. R. Cohen


"...And so it was. Surprised and hurt, the man searched his heart and promptly arrived at an answer, the only true answer, "Go to the Craftsman who made me and tell Him, 'The vessel You have made is ugly." At that moment, he was reminded of the 'ה who created him.

The man had become poignantly aware of an idea that just a moment before he would not have been able to hear. In his moment of humiliation, he regained a sensitivity that lifted him from his former ugliness and caused him to instantly intensify his relationship with 'ה..."

- Rabbi Labkowski