Dear Parents and applicant שיחיו,       

Thank you for your interest in Bais Chaya Mushka, founded in memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, an exceptional seminary where girls learn from the Rebbetzin's conduct and follow in her ways, as per the Rebbe's guidance.

Bais Chaya Mushka's pleasant atmosphere will nurture two treasured years of growth in Yiras Shomayim, Chassidishkeit and Midos Tovos. Our curriculum is developed to be meaningful and inspiring, enabling our students to appreciate the depth and relevance of Torah and Chassidus in their daily lives. 

The many Farbrengens, Shabbatons, Mivtzoim and extracurricular activities create a Chassidishe vibrant atmosphere. Teaching methodology and psychology courses equip our students with the tools to educate their own students and children one day.  We provide a multitude of leadership opportunities and learning experiences, encouraging our students to be lamplighters; in Chinuch, Shlichus, or wherever they may find themselves.

Our dedicated staff offer individual attention to each girl, nurturing personal growth as she formulates her outlook and direction in life, as a Jewish woman, wife, mother and Chossid.  This will certainly be a source of tremendous Nachas to the Rebbe and our namesake, the Rebbetzin.

Please take the time to look over the application package.  Completed applications should be received in our office by the application deadline -  10 Shevat -  in order to ensure a timely interview and response. Applications submitted after this date may not be considered, or may result in delayed review. Students from countries overseas should keep in mind that obtaining a student visa may be a lengthy procedure, and late applications may result in visa delays preventing students from arriving in time for the school year. Please call our office if you need assistance with your application.

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