Is there a certain language I should know before coming to BCMS?

Yes, you should be comfortable with English.  All classes, farbrengens, leadership activity etc take place in English.  

We recommend that girls from non-English speaking countries, spend time before they come listening to shiurim in English.


Can I come to seminary for just one year even though it’s a two year program?

Yes, a lot of girls come for just one year.

If you come only for Sem Alef, you will not get a diploma but we can transfer your creditts.

If you come only for Sem Bais, we will receive your credits from the seminary you were in for Sem Alef and if all your course work is complete  you will receive a diploma at the end of the year.

A diploma  is only granted after 2 years of seminary.


Where do students usually come from?

We have international students. In the past few years, we had girls from Australia, Brazil,

Argentina, USA, Canada, England, France, Israel, Ukraine, and South Africa.


How many students do you have in the school?

The number of students vary by year. Our focus is more on quality, we know it is important for the students to have a positive peer invironment, with like minded chassidishe girls. In the past few years we've had between 35-55. Big enough to have a nice atmosphere, yet small enough to have that friendly, family fell.


What are your Tznius standard?

BCMS has high tznius standards in school and in the dorm.  Please see the student handbook for more details.


What is your cell phone policy?

Students can have cell phones if they are filtered. We don’t allow cell phones to be used during class. See the student handbook for more details.


Do you take the students to Eretz Yisroel?

IYH if there is enougth interest. This was done many years thanks to generous sponsors who enable us to take the girl on a fabulous trip to Eretz Yisroel for 8 days.

The students pay airfare and $500 US. The remaining expenses are covered by the Seminary.

The trip includes guided tours, comfortable accomadations, meals. and inspiration making for a trip of a lifetime!

Students in good standing from Sem Alef and Bais may join.



Is there a lot of tests and homework.

In general tests are twice a year at the end of each term, during midterms and finals. Some teachers give smaller tests / assignments during each term.  Reports cards are given after each term.

Emphasis is placed on effort, and diligence more than on actual scholastic ability.

Students are expected to pass all courses.  


What happens at night in seminary?

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night there is either a night class or a choice of Shlichus / Chinuch leadership opportunity form approximately 7:00 - 8:00 pm. Tuesday is a free night


Students signed up for NDF (Canadian & French citizens)  also do gym and English class after school, each once a week. (one evening and one time straight from school)


Every night after night class (besides for Tuesdays) there is a program that is arranged by the Bnos Chabad heads and seminary girls.  These programs are not mandatory, but girls are encouraged to join as they add tremendously to the seminary experience.


What do girls do in their free time?

Many girls use the time between school and night class and other free time to study, take care of personal things, work on bnos or other leadership responsibilities.

In addition we have in the dorm an art room with supplies, game room with board and table games, library with seforim and books, gym with different types of machines and exercise equipment, and a music room with instruments.

It's a recreational space where girls can relax, spend time with friends, and develop talents.


What happens on Sunday mornings?

School starts at 1:00.  In the morning some girls teach in Hebrew school for nearby shluchim, others enjoy free time.


What happens on Fridays?

Most of the day is free, except for Mivtzoim hour. At the beginning of the year, you choose

one type of Mivtzoim you will do every Friday.



When throughout the year is the dorm open and when is it closed?

The dorm is open for most of the school year. The dorm closes from Yom Kippur until after Sukkos and during Pesach break.

For Chanukah break and Chof Bais Shevat weekend, girls can sleep in the dorm if they need, but the kitchen is closed.


Where do the girls eat on Shabbos?

Most Shabbosim the girls are hosted by families in the community,  The girls can make their own arrangements (following seminary guidelines in the student handbook).  The dorm counselor helps girls make arrangements whenever needed.


A few times throughout the year, we have out of town Shabbatons by nearby Shlluchim. We also have intown Shabbatons with guest speakers.  


For the girls in the dorm, there are sometimes dorm meals when one apartment is in charge of cooking the Shabbos meal that the dorm then eats together.


How is the dorm set up?

In the basement is the kitchens, dining room and laundry room

The first floor is the recreational area (as described above) and the dorm parents apartment.

The second and third floor are the girls apartment.  Each apartment has 2 bedrooms (for 2-3 girls each) and a bathroom.  Each 2 apartments share a lounge. Dorm councelors sleep on each floor.


What is the meals schedule?

Breakfast:  Monday - Thursday is in school for both in town students and out of town

Students. Friday - Sunday, dorm girls have breakfast in the dorm.

Lunch: 1:00 dorm girls have lunch in the dorm.  Montreal students go home to eat.

Supper:  is in the dorm at 6:00 each day for dorm girls.

Motzei Shabbos: girls prepare Melave Malka in the dorm


What are the gashmius standards in the dormitory?

The door is home away from home for the students.  The dorm is well kept, clean and up to date. The food is tasty, generous and their is a rotating menu.


Do you have any more questions that you would like answered?

Please email us and we will be happy to respond.