Once you are accepted, please check out the links below to help you prepare for a great year ahead.

Visa Information

Due to the unique status of the province of Quebec within Canada, obtaining a student visa is a two-step process: 

1. You must first obtain a Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) from Quebec from Immigration Quebec,

2. You then need a Student Visa from Immigration Canada.  This is a lengthy process and it should be taken care of right away to ensure that you will obtain a visa on time. No student will be admitted without a student visa.  You should start the process now, as it takes some time to complete.

Our office will send you clear instructions to follow in order to get your CAQ and Visa.  Please do not attempt to do it on your own. 

College NDF admission

Canadian and French citizens may be eligible for grants and credits from the Quebec government. 

Students with a parent who is a Canadian citizen may be able to become a Canadian citizen and benefit from the grant.   

5780 Student handbook (an updated one for 5781 will be posted in the summer)

     We invite you to read our student handbook in order to become familiar with the many aspects of Chaya Mushka Seminary. 

5780 School calendar (an updated one for 5781 will be posted in the summer)

     This calendar is only to give you a general idea of  how our vacations work.  Please do not book tickets or make plans based on this.  Students for 5781 will I"YH receive a 5781 Calendar by email.