Visa application




Due to the unique status of the province of Quebec within Canada, obtaining a student visa is a two-step process:
1. You must first obtain a Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec from Immigration Quebec.
2. You then need a Student Visa from Immigration Canada.
This is a lengthy process and it should be taken care of right away to ensure that you will obtain a visa on time. No student will be admitted without a student visa.

# 1. Obtaining a “Certificate of Acceptance” from Quebec Immigration.

You must apply online and follow these steps meticulously. To save time considerably and to ensure that your application will not be declined, you should send the signed forms and required documents TO SEMINARY and we will obtain the CAQ here in Montreal and send it to you along with the letter of acceptance from Seminary, required for the Canadian visa.

Click on this link to begin your online application. Please note that Immigration Quebec is very particular about the way this form is filled, so you must enter your answers EXACTLY as outlined below and click on “begin your application”

Step 1 – 3 Fill out your ID information, address and contact info
Step 4 Level of studies, click: College, Program of studies: Literature
 No
2. Program starts: 2016-09-06 Ends: 2018-06-30
Tuition 8,000
Step 5 choose “Campus Notre Dame de Foy” from the drop menu
Step 6 1.  No
2. US citizens ONLY: click on “port of entry”
All other citizens, click on “Canadian visa office abroad”, then select the consulate near your home
Step 7 Principal Payer: click “my father” (or whoever else on the drop list), then enter theier contact information
Step 8 1.  No
2.  Yes ; Mendy Teitlebaum, 5115 Vezina, Montreal, Quebec H3W 1C2;
3.  No; TWICE
Click next
Step 9 Check your information and validate by clicking “next”
Step 10 1. Create your Pin and write it down so you have it when you’ll need it
2.  Yes
3. “save your application”; You will be given an application #. Keep it in a safe place;
Remember your User code and Password. You will need it later to consult your file and/or print necessary forms.
Step 11 “Process to payment now”; then pay $110 CAD using a credit card
Step 12 Download and print the forms (Personal check list AND other documents that have a line on which to sign). Sign and date where indicated. Mail the signed originals that were downloaded on step 12 (NOT what you printed on step 9) to us immediately along with the following:

1. A passport size color photo
2. Copy of valid Passport pages bearing personal information and photo
3. Proof of valid health insurance – Health coverage is mandatory: a letter stating that you are covered in Canada for the year. If you do not have coverage in Canada, compare the following and pick the best coverage and price:
• Trent Health (based in Toronto) +1-416-340-8115 and make sure to ask for the Quebec Student Plan,
• SunLife: Jacob Abadi, Tel: (514) 654.5550 offers a more comprehensive coverage for the same price.
• French students only: you must get the formulaire SE 401-Q-102 from your Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie. This will give you FREE health insurance in Quebec, and allow you to register in the college program.
4. Declaration of parental authority – to be signed by parents only for students who are under 18.

Important: If you cannot proceed to “step 12” to download and print the forms, wait until you get a notification email from them and follow their directions, or try to do the following a few days after you’ve applied:
Click on this link . Then click on “access my file” on the bottom of the page. In the next page, enter your user name and PIN. You now can see your messages.
In the part called History of your application click on the + next to Confirmation of payment and then click on Your personal check list to download the .pdf forms you need to sign and mail back to us, along with your photo and all other required documents.

# 2. Obtaining the actual student visa from Canada Immigration.
After receiving your CAQ application and required documents, we will obtain the CAQ for you from Immigration Quebec. We will send it to you with the instructions to apply for a Student Permit from Immigration Canada. This application is also to be done online.

Please note: when asked for any financial information, you can refer them to the letter from the Seminary. Hopefully, they won’t ask you for more financial information, such as a certified copy of your bank statement etc…