What are people saying about BCMS?


"Bais Chaya Mushka seminary treats each young woman as an individual with unique talents and capabilities. Taking into account academic  and social aspects, Mrs. Brand takes extra measures to ensure that each girl finds her place in such a fundamental year of growth. Each moment is filled with opportunities to learn or give to the community or have fun in organized social settings.Throughout the year there are trips and Shabbatons that leave lasting memories and create bonds among the girls. Overall I feel lucky to have sent two of my daughters to Bais Chaya Mushka Seminary and I know that their Chassidishkeit is solid based on these formative years." [Mrs B]


 "The girls are taken care of 24/7 Bgashmiyus Uvruchniyus with many extra curricular activities.  Mrs. Brand gives personalized attention to each student." [Mrs M]


Chaya Mushka Seminary is a lovely campus in the heart of our community.  The staff is warm and caring and very much in tune with their students needs.  The dorm is well kept and the Shabbosim the Montreal girls spend there are always fun.  The programs have been very good. Thank you BCMS  [Mrs K] 


"Choosing BCM as my seminary was the best decision I ever made. I loved both years that I spent there. There is a very homey atmosphere, and I felt a lot of the love and care, that the teachers had for each of us. I enjoyed learning and I felt I grew a lot. Being involved in the community, and with the shluchim around Montreal, was a very powerful experience. We also went on several Shabbatons and gained from the many different speakers who came from all over. Seminary was a blend of fun, positive experiences, good learning, and tremendous growth."

"I would say that BCM is a place where everyone feels they belong, and every one can grow in their own way. I will always cherish my seminary experience there."  [Devorah Leah R]



“You taught us essential Halachos that always come up in our lives. Like how we must be so careful to buy a reliable kosher brand. And what goes on behind making products that people would never know. Thank you for making us so aware of what is out there in the world and how keeping strictly kosher is the way to go and how it is so important physically and spiritually. Thank you for bringing your classes to life. It really helped me learn better when seeing it on your power points, when you brought the cow's lungs and the Shochets knives. Thank you for teaching us the Halachos so clearly and making it so enjoyable to learn. I really learnt a lot and always enjoyed your classes, including your classes on Moshiach.”


“Thank you for motivating us to push ourselves and actually learn a Maamer on our own. Every time we had a question or query you were always there to clarify and explain. Thank you for the overviews of Mamer and Halacha they were very helpful.”


“Thank you for always trying the best for us, no matter how much time and effort it requests from you, thank you for giving us the opportunity to discover and get to use our talents, thank you for pushing us getting over challenges and thank you for always being ready to hear what can be fixed and what can be added for seminary to be the best place for us to grow, whether material wise or spiritual wise.
Thank you!!”


“Thank you for teaching us about how being in Chinuch is so special and amazing. It was so nice to read all the Rebbe's letters in different situations of Chinuch. I felt it inspired and encouraged us to be involved in Chinuch. Thank you for all your energy you put into your classes and for all the extra special programs you did for us which always made it exciting and enjoyable to learn.”


“Thank you for teaching us and showing us how powerful and important we are.”


“Thank you so much for teaching with such devotion passion and feelings, it totally makes the class.
You helped me feel Moshiach every day.”

“Thank you for expanding,clarifying and answering fundamental questions that influence our whole life perspective.Through your class I've gained confidence in answering these questions.The lesson that was given during purim time-about the awareness of Hashem in our life -really shook me and made me more conscious of Hashem in my life.”