We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff, each one knowledgeable and passionate about what they are teaching.  The girls benefit from the devotion of the staff, who focus on each students and are committed to ensuring a wonderful year of growth for them.

We are fortunate that our staff go above and beyond to make themselves available to the students outside of school hours to Farbreng, host them for Shabbos, and guide and help them individually.


BCMS is a 2 year seminary. The following teachers / classes are taught over the 2 years - some classes are only taught in  sem A and some only in Sem B.


Rabbi S Aisenbach - Toldos Chabad

Rabbi B. Bell - Hilchos Kashrus, Yichud, Medical Ethics, Shaar Habitachon

Rabbi Chaim Brand - Chavrusa (Chassidus and Halacha)

Mrs. Chanie Brand - Marriage prep - Hashkafa, Bayis Yehudi

Mrs. Adina Ceitlin - Women's role in chinuch, women in history

Mrs. Rochie Cohen - Avodas Hakodesh - Chinuch & Shlichus, Women as Akeres Habayis

Mrs. Chanale Cohen - Farbrengen with the Rebbe

Rabbi Mikael Dahan - Ein Yaakov

Mrs. Simcha Fine - Torah Studies

Rabbi Moshe Fischer - Gemara 

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Gurary - Maamer, Overview of Likkutei Amarim

Mrs. Chaya Gurary - Sichos of the Frierdiker Rebbe

Mrs. Rivky Hendel - Chassidic insights on Tefilla

Rabbi Itkin - Leben mit der Rebbe (Background of the Rebbe’s leadership and campaigns)

Mrs. Shterni Rosenfeld - Early Childhood

Mrs. Surie Marasow - Life skills (Home, time, financial management, communication etc)

Rabbi Mendy Mellul - Toras Chaim 

Mrs. Sima Mockin - Teacher Training

Rabbi Hershel Raskin - Shaar Yichud Vemunah, Maamer

Rabbi Mendel Scheiner - Topics in Chassidus 

Rabbi Shmuel Shuchat - Topics in Halacha

Rabbi Zushe Silberstein - Inyonei Moshiach, Da Ma Shetoshiv, Sichos 5751-52

Mrs Racheli Spiro - Psychology & Torah, Special Ed 

Support Staff Rabbi Mendy Teitlebaum -
Mrs. Shoshana Scheiner - Student services coordinator
Mrs. Nissel Vogel - Dorm mother