Bnos Chabad - Extra Curricular Programs


Every night following night class, the students enjoy Bnos Chabad programs.  The programs are orgranized by our Bnos Chabad Head and leaders. Students get a chance to use their creativity and talent and practice team building skills by leading specific programs,


There are many different types of programs created with different goals in mind.  There are programs to

* inspire and bring yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit alive thru farbrengens, speakers, interactive learning, Shabbatons, special programs and hachana for Chassidishe yomei d’pagra.  

* relax, spend time with friends, develop talents and hobbies - these programs include cooking, art, crafts, games, etc

* expand the girls horizon thru hearing peoples story, or learn about different organizations etc


In addition girls get together to learn topics of interest like letters from the Rebbe on different topics, Chassidishe parsha and Rebbe time is a highlight in the dorm