• Dear Parents,

    We are grateful that you are considering Chaya Mushka Seminary as an option for your daughters’ education for the upcoming school year.

    At Chaya Mushka Seminary, we believe that it is important that all incoming students and their families understand what our goals and standards are prior to registration.

    As a seminary, our program focuses on in depth learning of Torah and Chassidus along with other important classes and extracurricular activities necessary to instill our students with the values necessary to live in the contemporary world as a proud Chassidishe woman. A warm atmosphere is created based on common respect for Torah and Chassidus and as such it is obvious that all of those in attendance will commit to respecting Halacha and the learning environment.

    We look forward to your registration,


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  • Recommendations

  • References required:

    • Your Machaneches who is involved in your education that has been in contact with you recently. Please send your Machaneches this link:

    • Two references from people who know you well from your extra curricular activities.
    Please send the references this link:

    Please list below the references who are submitting letters of recommendation:

  • Interview

  • For Montreal Students, interviews will take place in town. All other the interviews will be arranged once the application is processed.

    Please choose which day and what time you will be available.

  • Student

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  • Extra Curricular Activities

    Camp Experience

    I spent the first month of this past summer in:

  • I spent the second month of this past summer in:

  • Activities

    Please fill in the following chart regarding extra curricular activities you have been involved in, such as: Children programs, volunteer work, community projects etc.

  • Questionnaire

  • Rules & Guidelines

  • Curriculum

    Our program includes:

    • Nigle: Chumash, Nach, selected topics from the Talmud, Halachah  with emphasis on areas of halachic concern for women .
    • Chassidus: including Tanya, Sichos, selected Mamorim, Hashkafa (i.e. Da Ma Lehashiv & 13 Princples) And Inyonei Geula and Moshiach. 
    • Early Childhood Education Methodology, and Special Ed.
    • We also offer a variety of other classes such as Finance, Computers and Communication.


    Classes are from 8:40 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as well as various evening classes and programs


    Girls spend Shabbosim in the dorm and are hosted by families in the community.
    We also have Shabbatons which are hosted in town and sometimes out of town. i.e. Shluchim or Trips.

    General guidelines

    Following you will find some of the main rules and guidelines of our seminary.

    These guidelines stem from our seminaries Hashkafa and standards and will be strictly enforced

    • Internet cafes are not allowed under any circumstances the seminary will provide students with computer and Internet access.
    • Curfew is at 10:30PM sharp and strictly enforced, students must be in a dorm by that time.
    • All students devices i.e. laptops, ipods, ipads and cellphones will be checked at the start of the year and periodically.
    • All seminary rules apply during vacation time as well.


    Please note: Tznius guidelines apply at all times throughout the year, including "off" shabbosim and vacations. Students must be completely Tznius at all times in the dorms.

     Tznius guidelines:

    • Your wardrobe should not include any clothes that are tightly fitting or made of clinging or transparent material. Blouses and tops should not have designs or lettering that reflects pop culture. Jean material is not acceptable.
    • Your blouses should be amply sleeved so as to cover your elbows at all times.
    • The neckline should be closed from all sides. button-down shirts should enable proper coverage.
    • Your skirt should cover your knees, standing and sitting. Slits on any side of the dress or skirt, are not allowed.
    • Your legs must covered at all times. Fish net and loud coloured tights or stockings are unacceptable.
    • You must be completely tzniusdig in your apartment at all times.

  • The Seminary Hanhalah, teachers, and staff are always here for you, and happy to talk about any concerns or difficulties you may encounter with these rules. We want your year to be one in which you are able to grow and advance, and this can only happen in an atmosphere of mutual caring, trust, respect, and a personal sense of responsibility. Please do not hesitate to approach us if needed, to discuss your options and possible alternatives, if you feel these guidelines present a challenge.

  • Please upload all applicable documents

    • Medical examination form (download and complete by physician and parents). Can be emailed separately if appointment is after deadline.  Click Here to download Medical Form
    • 9-12th Grade High school transcripts  
    • 10-11th Grade Report Cards  
    • 2 recent color passport size photos (please write your name and school clearly)
  • Click "Browse Files" to upload all applicable Documents

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  • Application Fee

    Please submit $75 USD for registration fee:

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  • Please check all the information you entered to validate accuracy. You will be receiving a confirmation email that your application was received.

    Looking forward to a שנת ברכה והצלחה

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