Forms for Canadian and Montreal students:

  • The CNDF application form - Click Here
  • A copy of your full size birth certificate – (with both parents’ names on it)
  • A copy of last year’s official government transcripts and למודי קודש report card
  • A copy of this year’s most recent report card (למודי קודש and secular)
  • Copy of RAMQ card and Driver’s license or permit
  • For students not born in Quebec: CSQ and Canadian Citizenship Certificate (IMM1000)

Forms for French & Belgian students:

  • The CNDF admission form, duly filled out - Click Here
  • Acte de naissance - must also have both parents’ names
  • Relevé de notes du BAC (or a secular studies Relevé de notes from your school)
  • BAC (as soon as the diploma becomes available, or an "attestation de scolarité" stating that you have completed Terminale)
  • Passport Français
  • Form SE 401-Q-102 (assurance maladie)
  • CAQ and Study permit (Immigration Canada)