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Week of ט”ו טבת, December 19, 2021


Another incredible week at BCMS has flown by! We started off with an ice cream learning night. We learned a Sicha of the Rebbe, ate ice cream and ended off with a grand game of Psych! We also had a delicious BBQ themed supper. Hot dogs, burgers, fries, red and white tablecloth… It was really such a fun picnic vibe! We continued our night with a unique paint night! Each girl received a canvas with a little part of the BCMS logo. At the end of the evening, we put all the canvases together and created a masterpiece of our logo. It is truly beautiful to see how everyone’s personal painting is such an integral part of the bigger picture. Chof Teves was incredible no less! We had a medicine and Torah themed program and were privileged to hear from Rabbi and Doctor Kremer. We got a glimpse into the Torah's perspective on mental health through the lens of Chassidus. After this fun filled week, we can’t wait to see what next week will bring! 

Week of ח’ טבת, December 12, 2021


What an awesome week! Waking up at 5 am to eat before the fast was really quite the sight. A bunch of girls eating pancakes in the middle of the night! After commemorating Asara B’Teves and fasting, we broke the fast on delicious food followed by a Spa night at the dorm. We began by watching a video of the Rebbe's view on feminism from which we gained a lot of insight. We then got to create our own scented candles. It was really funny to end our night in face masks… we all got pretty hilarious pictures!! We also had a Video night! We watched the incredible story of the great Muma Sarah and how she helped so many Jews escape from Russia. We ended our packed week with an awesome Shabbaton in Brossard. We slept in a hotel and ate our meals in the Chabad house. After Licht Bentchen, we had 2 interactive workshops followed by a united Kabolas Shabbos. Throughout the meal we were privileged to hear from the Shluchim, Rabbi and Mrs. Samama which continued into an insightful Farbrengen. We wrapped it all up with a Melava Malka at their house and really bonded through a warm and beautiful Kumzitz around the fireplace. Filled with energy and inspiration, we can’t wait to see what next week will bring!


Week of ר”ח טבת, December 5, 2021


Energized from vacation, our week back at sem was filled with good vibes! Celebrating Hey Teves was really special. We watched videos of the Rebbe speaking at Farbrengens at that time and really got a feel of what took place. Based on what we learned, we played a grand game of Kahoot to test our memory of what we learned. The following day, we were fortunate to hear first hand experience from Rabbi Dahan who was in 770 during Hey Teves. We ended our week with a beautiful Melava Malka! We made our own sushi and got to have Mrs. Chani Mockin share all the wisdom she’s gained through her life experiences. With clarity and inspiration, we’re ready for another awesome week at BCMS!  


Week of כ”ד כסלו, November 28 2021


Chanuka celebrations were such a blast!! Dreidels, donuts and Latkes, what could be better!? We started off the first night with a grand DIY donut activity. We were all given someone to prepare a decorated donut for based on their personalities. It was so funny to see what girls came up with to describe each other!! Night number two was so beautiful. We lit Menorah with our dorm family, followed by an awesome Chinese auction! With a grand memory game and a challenge per match, we lit up night number three with smiles and laughter. Rested and rejuvenated, we’re ready for the next couple of weeks!

Week of י"ז כסלו, November 21 2021


 Wow… what a week! The light of Yud Tes/Chof Kislev was truly felt in the air. We were privileged to Farbreng and hear from really incredible speakers. Starting off right with workshops from Rabbi Raskin and Rabbi Gurary, followed by a beautiful lunch Seudah prepared by our very own girls! Next, we got to have an interactive Q&A Farbrengen with Rabbi Wenger. We got answers to many of our questions giving us clarity to understand the true greatness of Yud Tes Kislev. We wrapped it all up with a candle lit Seder Niggunim that truly warmed our hearts. 

 Chof Kislev was meaningful, inspiring and beautiful no less! We were lucky enough to hear from Rabbi Chay Amar from Florida. He really opened our eyes to the importance of self-worth at our stage in life. Later on, we got to hear from Rabbi Estrin from Florida. Through sharing his life experiences, he illustrated the great gems we were gifted, all the Chassidishe concepts we grew up with. We may not realize their importance as children, but as we enter adulthood and things come up, these lessons become a part of our everyday lives. The approach to life through the lens of Chassidus is truly a gift to be grateful for! 


Week of י' כסלו, November 14 2021


 What an incredible week! We started off with a Motzei Shabbos Kumzitz with Mrs. Bashie Neparstek. We were fortunate enough to hear her story first hand and truly change our perspective on mental health challenges. Later on in the week, we had the opportunity to help many Shluchim in Montreal and pack Chanuka Mivtzoyim kits. Yud Daled Kislev was filled with excitement!! It began with a mock wedding dance party at night, followed by a Sheitel workshop on the Mitzva of Sheitel with Mrs. Esti Simon, Sheitel Macher and Shlucha of Kingston Ontario, during the day. It was so fun to try on different styles and colours… It got us thinking about the future :) 



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