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Week of י”ד שבט- January 16, 2022


Yet another incredible week at BCMS has flown by! We were privileged to begin our week by hearing Rabbi Greenwald share many Chassidic stories. Tu B’shvat was such fun! We invited Beis Rivka Montreal’s graduating class to join us for a beautiful Shivas Haminim Babka Challah Bake. We got to take a fruit personality test and group together with other girls in our fruit category. It was so interesting to discuss different character traits together. We ended off our evening with a grand game of life size Jenga and danced and chatted for hours after we cleaned up. What an awesome evening with such positive energy! Our week ended off with a special brunch in Seminary in preparation for Chof Beis Shvat. After such an energy filled week, we can’t wait to see what is in store for next week! 


Week of י’ שבט - January 9, 2022


This week was off to a great start! We began in true Montreal style and enjoyed an awesome sledding trip! The following day, we had a Hachana night where we drank fresh smoothies and learned Chassidus in preparation for Yud Shvat. We were privileged to Farbreng with Rabbi Boyarski from Ottawa, about the beautiful lessons that the Rebbe embedded in us, his Chasidim. We began our day with a Davening Hachana with Rabbi Slapotchnik from Montreal followed by a workshop about writing to the Rebbe with Mrs. Marlow from Montreal. We then had an interactive Farbrengen with Rabbi Bryski from Arizona. After weeks of Hachana leading up to this special day, we feel inspired and ready to fulfill the Rebbe’s mission of making this world a better place! 


Week of ר”ח שבט- January 2, 2022


What a great week! Back from winter camp vacation and filled with positive energy we went on a group trip to Place Des- Arts, a beautiful picturesque spot in Montreal. We were lucky enough to visit the colourful winter exhibit and enjoy the huge seesaws. We also had a DIY mug decorating night! It was really nice to spend time together in the warmth of the dorm, far away from the cold weather :) We ended off the week with a Yud Shvat Hachana evening followed by a grand game of Bingo. There’s lots in store for next week and we are really looking forward! 

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