Week of י"ז כסלו, November 21 2021

Thursday, 9 December, 2021 - 1:36 pm


 Wow… what a week! The light of Yud Tes/Chof Kislev was truly felt in the air. We were privileged to Farbreng and hear from really incredible speakers. Starting off right with workshops from Rabbi Raskin and Rabbi Gurary, followed by a beautiful lunch Seudah prepared by our very own girls! Next, we got to have an interactive Q&A Farbrengen with Rabbi Wenger. We got answers to many of our questions giving us clarity to understand the true greatness of Yud Tes Kislev. We wrapped it all up with a candle lit Seder Niggunim that truly warmed our hearts. 

 Chof Kislev was meaningful, inspiring and beautiful no less! We were lucky enough to hear from Rabbi Chay Amar from Florida. He really opened our eyes to the importance of self-worth at our stage in life. Later on, we got to hear from Rabbi Estrin from Florida. Through sharing his life experiences, he illustrated the great gems we were gifted, all the Chassidishe concepts we grew up with. We may not realize their importance as children, but as we enter adulthood and things come up, these lessons become a part of our everyday lives. The approach to life through the lens of Chassidus is truly a gift to be grateful for! 


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