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Chinuch Gems
In honor of the 30th
Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka and the 30th year of Bais Chaya Mushka Seminary, the students of BCMS
spearheaded a new initiative: Chinuch Gems!

Chinuch Gems will collect and share Horaos of the Rebbe related to Mosdos Chinuch and
Mechanchim. Our goal is to inspire and inform educators, future teachers and all who are
passionate about Chinuch, via short whatsapp or emails several times a week.

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#1 Permeated with מסירת נפש
A story about Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka's חינוך in honor of כ''ה אדר the Rebbetzin's birthday.

The מלמד of the Frierdiker Rebbe's daughters wanted to teach them only things that fit into שכל, not to scare them with stories of ניסים and מסירת נפש.

The Frierdiker Rebbe told him that on the contrary, a Yiddishe child needs to start his חינוך specifically with stories of מסירת נפש. The Frierdiker Rebbe said that דווקא this is what resonates with a Yiddishe child.

The Rebbe brings out from this story that the Chinuch of Yiddishe Children should be permeated with מסירת נפש.

(משיחת ש''פ יתרו, כ''ב שבט תשמ''ט)
#2 Great potential in each student
Mrs. ... was a devoted teacher in a school. At some point she was being pressured by another school to change jobs. Mrs. ... was uncertain whether to continue in the current school or take the new opportunity which had more favorable conditions.

The Rebbe answered in a letter: (free translation)

… Regarding the field of chinuch, there is a very important and main point: many times it is very hard to estimate the potential of the students and where it will lead them in the future. Meaning that even those that look like simple students at first glance, it's very possible that talents will be revealed by them or such perseverance and diligence that they will be successful in the learning and behavior much more than the capable and talented students, and they will end up being the pride of the school and teachers.
As we saw in the past the great effect of the power of persistence even when the capabilities were simple. And how out of ordinary capabilities were revealed that which couldn't be imagined before.

Especially in the school that you are working in until now, it seems from your description that it fits the מאמר חז”ל that הזהרו בבני עניים שמהם תצא תורה-- and regarding this school you have a special responsibility and obviously a special pull because it's natural that a person cares for whatever he worked on.

From all of the above you can understand my opinion that you should continue working in the school that you have the holy position until now with strong hope and bitachon, and forsure your devotion to the above work would be the channel and vessel to added success in your avoda, and added bracha also in your private things and the things of your family that you requested and will be mention at the holy Tzion of the Frierdiker Rebbe that the school is named after him and being one with his spirit.

With blessings for good news in all of the above.
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#6 Two fundamental concepts to teach youth

A delegation from a girls school came to the Rebbe to get guidance and chizuk in their avoda.
Excerpts - Part I

* There are 2 main points that have to be highlighted and emphasized in the chinuch of the youth in America and especially in the chinuch of girls
1 - Instill in them what is brought down in the first halacha of the first chapter of Shulchan Oruch
“אל יבוש מפני בני אדם המלעיגים עליך בעבודת הבורא יתברך"
Don't be ashamed from people who put you down / make fun of you in the way that you serve Hashem.
We see that יהודה בן תימא brings עז כנמר - strong like a lion first (before the other fundamental attributes needed to serve Hashem) because that is the main point that is needed for ‘עבודת ה
2 - Kabbolos Ol - listening to whatever their parents / teacher tell them and accepting the Ol of Torah & Mitzvos.

(הוספות לשיחות קודש תשכ"ח א - p 506)
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