Here at BCMS, extra curricular programs are very important to us. We put great emphasis on in-school as well as after school activities to ensure a well rounded Seminary experience. Here’s a glimpse into some of the extra curricular programs Chaya Mushka Seminary has to offer. 




Besides for the beautiful snow and ice storms, Montreal has lots to see! Throughout the year, our girls get to visit scenic views and recreational centers to create great memories during their year together!    

Chavrusa night

Mivtzoyim night is one to look forward to! At the start of our year, our girls are paired up with ladies from different Chabad houses in the Montreal area. Every week, they get together to learn and discuss different concepts in Torah and Chassidus. The Chavrusas create a truly deep bond, some keeping in touch long after seminary! 

Chassidus before Davening 

There’s something really special about waking up a little earlier to learn Chassidus. Our girls are privileged to have a Shiur with the well known Mashpia and Shliach, Rabbi S.B. Sheingarten every Shabbos morning. After an insightful class, the girls are uplifted and inspired to have a wonderful week ahead. 

Seder Niggunim

What better way to end off our Shabbos with Niggunim! Every Shabbos as the sun begins to set our girls sit around and sing beautiful Niggunim and share stories about the Rebbeim. The warmth felt during these moments allow the girls to unite and truly become family. 

Weekly Melava Malka

Every Shabbos spent at BCMS is one to remember. Whether it’s a Shabbos in, Shabbaton or meals hosted by families in the community, we like to end it off with good energy. Our Melava Malkas vary from Farbrengen style, to DIY suppers and grand group games. Whatever it may be, Motzei Shabbos in seminary is always something to look forward to! 

Lunch and Learn

What an opportunity for connection! Once a week the seminary girls are paired up with a High School student to learn a Sicha, chat and of course share a good laugh while participating in the game of the evening. Both the High School students and Seminary girls really look forward to this special time they have together every week! 

Other activities have included:


Ice Kafia

It’s a pun on words, see what we did there? Twice a week we start our day bright and early to learn different aspects of Chassidus. Waking up early takes serious Iskafia, but an iced coffee on the side certainly makes it easier! 


Weekly scrapbooking

Everyone wants to remember their time in seminary. What better way to document it than scrapbooking? With printed pictures, stencils and stickers, once a week we work on creative scrapbooks filled with memories to look through for years to come.  



Makeup course

Our makeup course truly sets BCMS apart from all other seminaries. With an incredible and experienced teacher, our girls get to expand their knowledge in makeup, exploring their colors and palettes. The weekly course gives them the opportunity to truly feel beautiful as every Jewish woman should. 



Swim night

BCM is privileged to be located close to the local Sports Centre. Once a week our girls are encouraged to go swim in the slot reserved for women and girls only. This allows them some time away from the regular seminary routine contributing to their physical and mental health.