Chaya Mushka Seminary’s program is catered to the Lubavitch high school graduates of today. Our school has a very positive environment, where the activities and curriculum are constantly being adjusted to the needs of our students. This is their year to grow, and we will make every effort to treat the needs of our students with respect. This environment of respect allows our students to blossom as adults, enabling them to own their decisions and growth within our supportive atmosphere. We have upgraded our program and the girls are gaining tremendously from the diverse, high caliber curriculum. 


Our students acquire the wide range of skills necessary to navigate the contemporary world as a proud Chassidishe woman in the Jewish home and outside world. Our in-depth classes on Nigleh and Chassidus Applied as well as Special-ed, Communication, Finance, Culinary Science, Makeup and Art really set our school apart, with a focus on the practical lessons in Torah and Chassidus. 


Guided by our Bnos Chabad leaders, our girls are involved in the extracurricular programming and enjoy inspirational and fun events. Shabbatons are a highlight, taking place in and around Montreal. Our seminary is located in the warm Chabad community where our girls are placed with families for in Shabbosim, often forming long term relationships with them. 


Montreal is unique in that it is a very strongly established Chabad community, while being surrounded by Shluchim to the outlying areas. Our seminary students enjoy the best of both worlds, connecting with the Chassidishe community as well as being involved in the Peulos of the Shluchim through weekly Hebrew School, learning with women in their communities and getting a real taste of Shlichus.  


We are lucky to be situated on a beautiful campus, with a state of the art dormitory, fitness center, library, student lounge and computer lab. With all of their physical needs fully taken care of, our students are able to make the most of the program. 


We have an incredible faculty composed of experienced educators who are real role models and form warm relationships with our students. The foundations of Bayis Yehudi and Chinuch are taught with great care by women who our students can look up to.


Whether it be a Chassidus class or Chassidishe Farbrengen, the focus is always the practical application to the timeless lessons. With a hands on approach to learning and a well rounded curriculum, we can really say that our students experience a paradigm shift with how they view the world and their role in it. A Chaya Mushka graduate will be able to leave seminary with the educational potential to continue in any field, whether it be teaching, Shlichus or any  other vocation they choose.