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Chaya Mushka Seminary was established by the Montreal Jewish community in honour of  Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, of blessed memory, shortly after her passing in תשמ”ח) 1988).

Since then, it has provided post-secondary education of the highest caliber for over 1500 young Jewish women, coming from the world over, enabling them to contribute to the continuity, strength and growth of the Jewish people. Our graduates are busy raising proud Jewish families and assuming Shlichus positions throughout the world, and have opened new schools and centers from Singapore to Prague and from Niagara to Florida.

The Seminary seeks to form Chassidishe, confident, knowledgeable and skilled young women, poised to fulfill their potential as successful mothers, thriving community leaders, and wholesome individuals.

Chaya Mushka Seminary’s uniquely Chassidishe environment fosters a strong Hiskashrus, a love of learning, a sense of individual purpose and fulfillment, a dedication to community, an inclination to teach and the ability to lead.


Seminary School Building

Grounded in Chassidishkeit, focused on the future. What could be more important to the future of the Jewish people than education?

The Seminary is a place of great learning and leadership. The Seminary building is a new edifice constructed on Vezina St corner of Westbury Avenue, right in the heart of the Lubavitch community. Here the students are able to learn in a bright, fresh environment. The Center features three spacious floors which include four large classrooms, an up to date Library, a computer lab, a multi functional cafeteria, a big dinning room and kitchen. The Seminary staff, Mechanchos and Hanhola are on premises. Many after school programs and functions take place in the Seminary building which is just a short walk from the Dormitory.


Dormitory – Freeda Dym Residence Hall

The Residence Hall features a newly renovated four-story dormitory building and back garden where the students can relax outside and enjoy the picnic area. The dormitory is a short walk from the Seminary building. 

Our state of the art dormitory provides a living experience that will help our students focus on their education and grow together in a Chassidishe atmosphere. Three delicious and nutritious meals are provided daily for the girls in the deluxe dining room of the dormitory.

The Dorm Councilors and “Dormitory Parents” are on site to make sure the students are well taken care of and to organize a multitude of after-school activities and farbrengens which makes for a wholesome Seminary experience.

Dormitory features:

Beautiful bedrooms, 2-3 girl occupancy
4 Bathrooms per floor
2 large living room/lounge areas per floor
Deluxe Dining room
Meat and Dairy kitchens
Laundry room 
State of the art gym and fitness center
New: Art Room / Library / Game & Music rooms
Montreal Community
Nestled in the legendary Chabad community of Montreal is a great benefit to the girls as they are welcomed by the warmth of the Montreal Anash.  The girls also benefit from working closely with the elementary and high school girls, join N’shei Chabad programs and assist the many shluchim in surrounding areas.